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Gregg Jaclin

Public Equity

About Gregg Jaclin

Based in Princeton, New Jersey, Gregg Jaclin is a seasoned consultant who focuses on financing, mergers, acquisitions, and securities issues. Throughout his career, Gregg has shifted away from traditional legal representation and become more of a resource to individuals with an unshakeable entrepreneurial acumen, as well as small businesses across the United States. This is because Gregg recognizes how difficult it is to raise capital, survive, and thrive in the fiercely competitive business environment, and hopes to help others fulfill their passions.


Gregg’s interest in legal consulting was first sparked during his time at the University of Maryland at College Park, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in 1992. Shortly thereafter, he attended Cardozo School of Law, earning his J.D. in 1995. In obtaining these credentials, Gregg Jaclin successfully created a strong foundation for his future career. Naturally, Gregg Jaclin was not content with just this strong foundation, and throughout his professional life, he has aimed to continually develop and improve his abilities so that he can better serve his clients and influence his industry.


Upon completing his education, Gregg Jaclin was named a partner at Anslow & Jaclin, LLP, where he focused on securities involving reverse mergers, venture capital transactions, shareholder and other equity holder agreements, and assisting NASD registered brokers and dealers. Because his philosophy centers around communication and structure, Gregg swiftly became an asset to his clients and his partner, and he experienced over 17 years of success in this capacity. 


Gregg Jaclin chose to broaden his horizons and pursue opportunities outside of the firm he had created. As such, he was named a partner at Szaferman Lakind Blumstein and Blader, P.C. in 2013. A few productive years later, Gregg started his own consulting firm, JRB Consulting LLC, in 2017. Gregg Jaclin’s opportunistic attitude and desire to grow his own abilities make him an asset for his clients as they can be sure he will do whatever it takes to guide them in the right direction.


During his three-year tenure, Gregg Jaclin found himself representing individuals in courtroom settings less and less, and instead advising entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to properly establish their companies for long-term success. Furthermore, Gregg fields important questions that often go unanswered, such as whether or not a company should frame itself as a sole proprietor, limited liability corporation, or incorporated. Rather than allow difficult questions to remain unaddressed, Gregg Jaclin is not afraid to tackle these challenging inquiries and face problems directly. In doing so, Gregg demonstrates his honesty, integrity, and devotion toward his work.


Gregg Jaclin frequently meets with members of the investment community, and leverages those connections to help clients discover new sources of capital. After all, private equity is one of the most difficult resources to acquire, as it is expensive and time-consuming in nature. However, Gregg Jaclin feels as though he can serve as an asset to his clients, whether by introducing them to the correct private equity partner(s) or by encouraging them to seek other opportunities to access capital.


One of the most important things Gregg Jaclin has learned throughout his career is the significance of networking. With the right connections, a consultant is able to provide more guidance and possible solutions. Gregg Jaclin values human connection, and he strives to make strong bonds and lasting relationships with all of his clients as well as others in related fields. For consultants, networking is a necessity, and Gregg Jaclin is a strong proponent of this belief.


Presently, Gregg Jaclin has shifted his focus to revolve around public equity, especially initial public offers or IPOs. With so many startups going public and offering shares to the public, this topic is certainly relevant, and Gregg’s experience as a financial consultant can benefit investors and businesses alike as they make strides to reap the rewards of going public. IPOs and other examples of public equity are ideal for Gregg Jaclin to engage with because he has cultivated his experience in a way that lends him a diversified perspective so that he can successfully advise clients in all roles, from investors to business owners. 


While Gregg Jaclin is devoted to his work as a consultant in with IPOs, he is also dedicated to his family. As a father and husband, Gregg cherishes the time he can spend with his family. He enjoys cheering on his children, Ben and Rachel Jaclin, in their academic and athletic endeavors, and he has even gotten involved with coaching their sports teams. Family is immensely important to Gregg Jaclin, and though his work certainly keeps him occupied, he always makes time for his children.


To gain further insight into Gregg Jaclin’s experience, as well as his thoughts on private equity and initial private offerings (IPOs), be sure to check his blog page! Additionally, visit his other websites for more information, at and